Promotional Image for Darkside of the Con

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Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT 2018) Handbrotzeit

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This was a scene in a courtyard outside Taubchental in Leipzig during Wave Gotik Treffen

Oil on canvas 16″ X 20″

The Most Courageous Woman in the World – Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Goth Icons

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The 2017 Series “Goth Icons” – a rogue’s gallery of fine characters who are admired in the Goth scene.


Black Roses

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Oil on Canvas 28″ X 22″
Still life painting inspired by a bouquet I received as a gift on the occasion of my first one-man art exhibition in many years. The mandolin is no longer with us, having yielded to the ravages of age while posing. Photos are from the 1940s and 50s. The color photos are from the 1970s.

Astronomical Paintings

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Jupiter and Its 4 Galilean Moons – Oil on Canvas[/caption]Executed at One River School of Art, Allendale, NJ

Oil on Canvas

Radio Station

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Old, semi-abandoned WMCA radio station in the Meadowlands, between Kearney and Jersey City. During the late 50s and early 60s, WMCA was the rock & roll music station to listen to, playing mainly doo-wop on your transistor radio, way down at the lower end of the dial, around 540 AM.

Radio Station acrylic on canvas 20″ X 16″

Dutch Wall Street

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A view of an iconic neighborhood near Delmonico’s famous restaurant with the remaining cluster of colonial Dutch buildings imbedded within New York City skyscrapers.
Acrylic on canvas 16″ X 20″



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Pencil on paper inspired by taxidermy exhibition at Morbid Anatomy


Sleeping Donald

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