Roller Derby!

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As many of you know, I have become a fan of roller derby.
Man, there is nothing like a female athlete!
And you know, while these grrls are rough and tough, they’re very sportsmanlike. No vicious attacks, no flouting the rules, no venomous spewing, fighting, cussing. Just rough and tumble skating hard, blocking hard and playing to win!

The Pack

Athletic physique!


Skating hard!



Big Red

Big Green

Note Celtic cross

Relaxing at McGovern’s after the match

Carmela circa 1990

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The timeless beauty appeared in this outfit modelling for the design company “Kiss Kiss Kill Kill”

Myke Hideous Exhibit at Paul Vincent Studio

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Myke Hideous was among several artists exhibiting at an art oprening held Halloween Night at Paul Vincent Studio, 49 Harrison Street, Hoboken, N.J.

Greeting us at the door

were two of the finest witches to be seen in all of Hudson County that night!

Here’s Myke himself

taking photos of his guests

Marzena was in attendance, but uncharacteristically silent owing to the after-effects of laryngitis!

This is one of Myke complex collage-constructions

which he categorizes as “apocalyptic.” It features a variety of animal skulls, dried flowers and plants, a doll’s head and much more. It has to be seen to be believed, and was priced at a modest $500.

One very impressive painting on wood was this creepy number shown below, called “Escapism.”

Present, beautiful but speechless

(due to laryngitis) was Marzena, shown below.