Halloween 2010

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October 29, 2010 saw the Annual New Dark Age Halloween Costume Festival at The Cathedral, hosted by Marzena & Doktor John
Speaking of Doktor John, here’s the Teutonic Knight himself sans helmet while sampling Bailey’s Irish creme.

Here we see three puppies, one of whom is believed to be hiding yet a fourth under her costume!

And the beautiful hostess posing with the Vampire Family

Terry and Lee made a pretty sight!

Christopher seems tame here in the warm embrace of Ania Rogalski. Wouldn’t we all !!!

The handsome and fearless Ian Michael Hughes appears here as an animal trainer!

Bride of Dracula Tina with Monk Joe Vance and Gypsy Ann Marie

Dennis sampling the spread prepared by the tireless Marzena

Here’s the ever beautiful, ever frightening Laura Drager

And in her full magnificence

Talk about frightening! Nancy (nee Guzzo) menaced the crowd as herself!

Christopher Ambrose continued menacing the crowd with his sword

Joe Syverson appears in drag in red cap, on the right of picture.

Later, Joe Syverson re-appeared as the mysterious “Joe S”

Buzz Lightyear settled down to chasing laser lights that swam around the Cathedral

Then there’s the orthopedic chief resident as a tooth, accompanied by his own personal tooth fairy, appropriately a dental surgeon subspecialist in real life!

Athletes to the bone, Ellen and Matt came as…athletes!

One of many vampires, Josep Pla and the luscious Laura Drager

No party is complete without its complement of cuties, in this case, Doria and the most beautiful Goth-Chick title-holder, Lisa!

Doria seen in the center here. New-comer to Doktor John events, and likely to be seen at all future events

We always enjoy having Mike Attilio and Rachel

And my favorite late-comer cousin and his friends, Atom Syvo!

The Sons of Dracula!