Endless Night Steampunk Soiree [Halloween 2011]

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FangMaster Fr. Sebastiaan, known to NYC Goth-scene old-timers who remember Long Black Veil, The Limelight and the Bank is an international impresario, holding events at such Goth capitals of the world as New York City, Paris, France, and soon —perhaps— Venice, Italy. The biggest of these is the Endless Night Vampire Ball held annually in New Orleans, Louisiana—The Big Easy.

This year, the theme was the increasingly popular fashion called “Steampunk” , based on the elaborate and decorative styles that prevailed during the turning point from ancient, historical ways to the nascent industrial/mechanical world of brass gears, top hats, airships, Jules Verne, Mary Shelly and Bram Stoker, nostalgically known as the Age of Steam.

Now do you get the connection?

Well Marzena and I have been wanting to attend the event for a long time, and this year we flew down on Friday to participate in the Endless Night Ball the next day, Saturday, and we were back in the air and home to New Jersey early (very early) Sunday morning.
Here’s a sample of what we saw.
First off, there’s a meet-and-greet (and, optionally, get your fangs made) outdoor event in the back court of The House of Blues on Decatur St, in the French Quarter.
There we were greeted by the merchandise stand selling various items which included Sebastiaan’s latest book, t-shirts with the Endless Night 2011 logo and promoting next year’s events.
Here’s the Fang Master himself fitting a (soon-to-be vampire) customer with new, custom-made and custom-fitted individualized fangs.
As with all such events, there were a panel of hand-picked DJs who spun a mix of classic rock, 80s, alternative, Goth, techno and industrial. We probably could have used less of the nameless techno and classic rock—and more of the Gothic-industrial, but that’s just my taste.

Shown here, the most beautiful and fashionably steam-punked lady in attendance stood out from the crowd.

More of the crowd

There were dancers—and there were DANCERS

Here was a great-looking couple
More of the crowd

Some stepped outside the theme with their unique costumes

and some looks were scarier than others!

The Grandfather of Goth watching the stage show
Doktor John’s unmistakable choice for best dancer at the event.