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Hypatia 2013

Acrylic on canvas board 20 X 30″

hypatia 3
This 4th – 5th Century philosopher/mathematician investigated and taught the geometry of cones, and by extension, ellipses, parabolas and hyperbolas. She was head of a Plato Academy in Alexandria and a defender of the famous, but ultimately doomed library of that historical center of classical civilization. She too, was doomed to be murdered by a mob of anti-intellectual monks, but her service to mathematics, to civilization and to the status of women is eternal.

Myke Hideous Photography Exhibition

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Myke Hideous Photography Exhibition
Oakside Manor/Cultural Center Belleville NJ
Dec 11, 2013

by Doktor John

Multi-media artist and renowned local figure, Myke Hideous hosted a wine and cheese opening of his photography exhibition at the beautiful and historic Oakeside Cultural Center in Bloomfield NJ for the month of December. Widely known in the NY/NJ area and formerly prominent as a musician with a significant following, Myke left the music scene in 2008, devoting himself to the study of nature and photography.20131211_192651

His interest in photography and film development follows a family tradition which he has pursued since his teen years.

Owl0609sml (1)

RTHawk_1155sml2 (1)

Ever a bird and animal lover, he has extensively photographed the local population including eagles, owls, sea-birds and denizens of the meadowlands. Captured with his top quality and ultra-fast lenses, these were among the most strikingly beautiful pieces, whether the subjects were seen serenely perched or in graceful flight. Extreme close-ups of insects shot in “macro” mode were among the most fascinating.PHT01sml

Landscapes and architectural icons that make up the collective unconscious of us who inhabit north Jersey were rendered monumental and mystical when treated with Myke’s visionary style.PHT09sml

Practically everything shown at the exhibit was shot with Canon equipment, either a Rebel, a 7D or lately the 5D Mark III. As an active member of the Audubon Society and a volunteer at the William McDowell Observatory, he has access to the $150,000 telescope through which he shoots celestial objects. One such on view at the exhibit was a stunning, close-up of a quadrant of the moon.PHT29sml (1)
Myke’s involvement in the visual arts goes back at least as far as his career as a musician. Besides film, Myke has worked in drawing, painting, sculpture, furniture and clothing design, installation, found-art assemblage. This background serves his efforts with a camera very well, having developed his eye for composition, detail and novelty. To no one’s surprise, the enthusiastic crowd of attendees and collectors had Myke applying “sold” stickers on his framed works nonstop for much of the evening.20131211_19271720131211_192629