Halloweekend in New Orleans

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This is the newsprint version of the report on Halloween in New Orleans 2014

12-31 Live - Halloweekend (1)-1

12-31 Live - Halloweekend (1)-2

Portrait of Marlon Brando from “Streetcar Named Desire”

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Here, Marlon Brando plays the character “Stanley Kowalski” from the Tennessee Williams play. The original acrylic on canvas painting was sold to the Rafael and Dorothy Venezia Family in 1996. This image for this website was made from a 16″ X 20″ color print. The original was undertaken as a tribute to the great writer and cultural commentator Professor Camille Paglia, herself a great admirer of Brando. The inspiration was a book review she wrote of a biography of Marlon Brando by a TIME Magazine movie critic. She panned the book, but expressed her praise of Brando as an actor and cultural icon. Actually, I tried to make this print a gift for Dr. Paglia whom I met at a book-signing, but she declined to take anything from me on grounds that she was traveling light.

The tattoo shown below was completely made up to honor Dr. Paglia, and is not part of either Marlon Brando’s or Stanley Kowalski’s personal appearance.