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Interview with Rotersand

In the world of industrial music in the new millennium, German futurepop stars Rotersand stand out for their irresistible rhythms, mastery of musical electronics and gripping themes. Earlier this year they released their seventh album “How Do You Feel Today” about which you can read in the March issue of New Dark Age, which you can go at

When Metropolis Records and Athan Maroulis (Spahn Ranch, Noir) put me in touch – remotely – with Rotersand’s members, I took the opportunity to spy into their collective approach and sources of inspiration to construct their total sound. So I asked questions directed to these issues. I found Rasc and Krischan – who took turns responding – to be straightforward and modest, as musicians confident in their success at achieving what they set out to do artistically. Below is what I learned, much of which would be a treasure trove of music technology, their cultural milieu and much else about the band.

Doktor John
What are the main instruments and/or electronic devices employed in creating Rotersand’s signature sound?

The same technology can drive a completely different sound. The guys using it determine the sound.
If you really like to talk technology: As far as I am concerned, Hardware: Nord Lead 1, Micro Korg, Mac Book Pro 2016, guitars. Software: Logic Pro X, Nexus 2, Predator 2, Punch, Spire, Minimonsta, and more. But of course the production arsenal of Krischan in his Studio 600 and his incredible studio skills are the ultimate force of all Rotersand productions.

i guess some of rotersand’s signature sound as you call it is result of rasc’s magic skills of creating songs out of nothing and my more alchemistic way of creating by reassembling and recombining. the devices used aren’t that essential but helpful and as much tools as sources of specific ways and processes to bring an idea into the final form. i still feel bound to stuff and devices that offer randomness and some uncontrollable stuff.

Doktor John
From what cultural sources (events, issues, writers, artists, philosophers, etc) do you draw inspiration?


-The daily news. Earlier Life: V. Flusser, S. Lem, von Glaserfeld, Varela / K. Dick, T. Mann and many more. University: E. Husserl, A. Schütz, L. Thayer, H. Maturana, N. Luhmann and many more. Movies: Bladerunner, Brazil, Sci Fi as a genre, D. Lynch, R. Scott, W. Wenders as my fav directors.

Doktor John
-Do you like or do you reject the label “futurepop?” Why?

I´d prefer Industrial Pop as this synth pop thing is just a part of our work.

i kind of like that label “futurepop”, even if it is anachronistic nowadays. but maybe that twist is what i like about it.
Doktor John-
Will you be performing live when the pandemic passes? Plans? Commitments?

Rasc: We have been performing live all the time but, yes, not in America since 2010. The immense costs of buying work permits is one factor as well by the way. We can´t just go there for a week without losing money, so we would need to go for several weeks which is not so easily to do for me as flying is. I do fly but I do not like it.

Doktor John- What were the early musical influences that Rotersand members (or spokesman) recall before becoming established professional musicians?

Rasc: Pink Floyd, Queen, Tears for Fears, New Wave, Skinny Puppy, Front 242, Detroit Techno, UK Techno, mostly Underworld in the 90s.

Doktor John- It may be one of my favorites from Rotersand’s body of work, but, what the heck is the idea behind “Waiting to be Born?”

Rasc:The longing of a young woman for a feeling of really being alive. She is missing something essential, maybe also missing someone. So she waits, hopes, longs and dreams.<