Halloween 2012

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Your host, Mr. Steampunk
a.k.a “Steampop”

A zoomed-in close-up of that special tie

The ever-enlightening John Trause in a “mirror mask”

Hostess Marzena serving her favorite guest, the eminent author, John Trause

Erudite Joel Allegretti

Steve photographer, Laura Drager as Prince

Two Hughes boys

My boys, the jolly Alexander and Ian

Bishop “Ghost”

“Iron Chef” Marianne serves herself Fabulous Fare

Literary lecturers

Dissertation on Hurricane “Sandy” Preparedness


Karen, Jozep and —————-Myke Hideous

Piano vandals Christopher and Viriatu

Goth Reunion, DJ Xian Engel and his fans

Our Gang

Miguel, Lisa, Artie, etc

Marty thought it was a “come-as-you-are party. Myke wanted us to know he has been working out

Dance floor crowd, Eiman, Michele, Diane, John, Marzena, & Joel

Supergirl moderates a theological debate between a gloom-metal bishop (Ghost) and a lay Franciscan

Music-room denizens

Egyptian deities in Peter Jaworowski and Madame X, Alda Xavier

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