New Dark Age – Feb 2020

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Aenthology 2010 – 2020
Aeon Sable

Assembled to celebrate the somewhat chaotic ten years during which Aeon Sable has risen to international renown, Aenthology 2010-2020 contains nine of their best-loved works – re-mastered with the latest technology — plus a new, unreleased track. I.e., the opening track, “Oblivion,” is a 10-minute, apocalyptic dirge – deliriously melodious with an hypnotic and increasingly compelling rhythm that seems to rise, like a growing threat, out of the chaotic ambient and spoken word that initiates the track.

This is followed by nine tracks drawn from their spectacular body of work , self- and best- described as “a soundtrack for dark souls.” It’s nearly impossible to single any one or two tracks as standing out from this consistently treasure-worthy collection. The second track, “Follow the Light,” the third, “Burn For Salvation” and the sixth, “Visions,” exquisitely embody Aeon Sable’s special gift for creating the uneasy pleasure that compels dark souls to either reverie or dancefloor abandon. If I were to choose one track for instant appeal it would perhaps be the seventh, “Dancefloor Satellite,” a six-minute dose of dark energy that will prove irresistible when played in goth nightclubs and events. On the other hand, the final track, “Praying Mantis,” accomplishes the same but in a totally distinct fashion.

Did I mention the intelligent, challenging and poetic lyrics? There’s so much to be said about the entrancing music – vocal, instrumental and structural ¬– that it’s possible to overlook the profound thoughts – philosophical – and multi-lingual – expressed in virtually each and every track. Aenthology 2010 – 2020 provides over an hour of gloomy rapture, featuring hypnotic rhythms, wide-ranging vocals and creative instrumental styles that capture the magic of goth rock. The album provides a deep, dark ambience for dance or simply for listening pleasure.

This album is available as CD or digital download Bandcamp or through Aeon Sable’s website/Facebook page. So is Aeon Sable’s entire discography, a treasure-trove of goth rock.

Jan 10 2020

Damian and Erik Aengel’s dual birthday Celebrations

Friday Jan 10 marked a special night at QXT’s, Newark NJ’s classic goth/punk/industrial dance club. Both Entertainment manager Damian Plague and noted DJ Erik Aengel were celebrating birthdays.
Both received canvas prints from Doktor John’s Studio, shown below, receiving their birthday presents directly from New Dark Age itself.

Portrait of Robert Smith looking over birthday boy Damian’s shoulder

Damian Plague is of course the entertainment manager and events promoter for the notorious and unique underground club, QXTs. In addition, he serves as one of the top staff deejays at that legendary institution. His history with Q’s goes back a long way in fact into the 90s. His relationship with the club is so integral to Damian’s identity that he can boast having actually lived inside the multilevel venue during his professional development. More interesting places Damian has inhabited include the Netherlands, Belgium and the German city of Bayreuth, epicenter of Wagnerian Opera from Wagner’s time up to today.

His travels and years-long residence in these countries served him well when he was called upon by German “death art” band, Das Ich to serve as a keyboardist. That relationship has continued over the years, and as a result you may note from time to time that Damian is absent from the scene. In that situation it is likely that he is on tour with Das Ich either in Europe or here in the USA.

Damian was also associated with the long gone and sadly missed record fan store, Cafe Soundz, in Montclair NJ. This gave him exposure to and coaching from some of the top DJs in NYC who relied on the Soundz to find the latest and best music, whether vinyl or CD. With all this on his resumé, its no wonder that Damian is the top level contact for such international acts as Covenant, Assemblage 23, Hocico and the like. Belated Happy Birthday, Damian!

DJ Erik Aengel beholding a portrait of Ian Curtis

Also honored the night, DJ Erik Angel was observing his 40th birthday. Brooklyn-born and much sought-after for his curator skills as a knowledgable DJ , Angel started immersing himself in the scene as early as age 14. He’s extra tall, and at 14 he might well have passed for 16 or 18. He spent the 90s soaking up the post punk music scene. At first he got a position as a promoter for the Bank and later the Batcave where he started guest-doing for Patrick in Oct 2000.
By now a regular among the four top DJs who provide the dance-scape at Necropolis, having been part of that venerable party night since it was called Necromantic. Aengel has deejayed over a hundred parties in 8 states and two countries. He’s thinking of doing a 20th anniversary celebratory tour this year.
As is customary, cake was served alongside the hard and soft drinks at QXT’s bar, and music from both these two celebrants and their deejay colleagues continued to pour into the festive ambience of all three dance-spaces of the club.

It’s not that far off, and it’s time to clear your calendars March 27 – March 29 for

Past years’ experience with darekside has been nothing short of spectacular. More about Darkside will be forthcoming in future issues of New Dark Age.